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MMG Designs and Delivers Accredited Medical Education Programs Exclusively for Psychiatric Facilities.

MMG’s continuing education courses represent the latest evidence-based research. Our courses set the highest standards of medical care for psychiatric patients. All necessary services required to deliver outstanding multimedia educational products and services are provided within our user-friendly e-Learning platform.
Our Continuing Education Program Brings the Skills of our Entire Organization to your Facility.


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Moore Medical Group – CEU Accredited Education Programs

MMG is dedicated to serving your continuing education by providing the most comprehensive and up-to-date courses, written and edited under the authority of medical professionals with extensive experience working within psychiatric facilities.
Below you’ll find an outline of our current offerings, and a more descriptive “Course Description” document for you to download. All of our courses are thoughtfully created to improve your knowledge and skills in handling medical situations with psychiatric patients.


MODULE 1 – ASTHMA – Learning Objectives

•  Define Asthma and describe effects on patients
•  Identify long-term care requirements
•  Define and recognize symptoms of Asthma
•  Identify risk factors for triggering attacks
•  Use proper treatments for acute Asthma attacks

MODULE 2 – DIABETES – Learning Objectives

•  Define Type II Diabetes and describe effects on patients
•  Identify long-term care requirements
•  Define and recognize symptoms of Hypoglycemia and Hyperglycemia
•  Learn proper techniques for checking blood sugar
•  Use proper treatments for acute Type II Diabetes symptoms

MODULE 3 – HYPERTENSION – Learning Objectives

•  Define Hypertension and describe effects on patients
•  Define and recognize symptoms of Hypertension
•  Use proper techniques for taking blood pressure
•  Identify blood pressure goals for patients with Hypertension
•  Use proper treatments for acute Hypertension symptoms


• Define the most common types of Chest Pain encountered in the primary care setting.
• Differentiate the types of chest pain that require immediate interventions.
• Learn to use and interpret the validated clinical decision rule to predict Coronary artery disease
• Become familiar with chest pain symptoms in special populations.
• Develop an action plan for Patients presenting with cardiac chest pain.

NavBarTo find out more about how our Medical Education Courses can train and educate your facility, please email or call us Toll Free at 855-MOORE01. Once you do, you’ll discover that MMG has the solution you’ve have been looking for.

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